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Headquarters: C/ Diputació, 276, pral. 08009 Barcelona
CIF: G-08310070
Phone: +34 9 319 80 50
Registry data: registered in the Register of the General Directorate of Law and Legal Entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya, no. of registration 988

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The Legal Notice regulates the access and use of the Website by its users.

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Use and operation of the Website

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Likewise, the user agrees not to perform any act in order to damage, disable and / or overload the Website, or to prevent, in any way, the normal use and operation of the same.

The user is informed that, in the event of non-compliance with the Legal Notice or, where applicable, the other policies of the Website, ÒMNIUM reserves the right to limit, suspend and / or terminate its access to the Website, adopting any technical measures necessary for this purpose.

ÒMNIUM makes its best efforts to keep the Website running smoothly, avoiding errors or, where appropriate, repairing them and keeping the contents of the Website properly updated. However, ÒMNIUM does not guarantee the availability and continuity of access to the Website or the absence of errors in its contents, nor that the latter will be updated in a timely manner.


Both access to the Website and the use that may be made of any information contained on the Website are made under the sole responsibility of the user.

In the event that donations are made, the user will also be responsible for knowing the characteristics, costs and use of the payment method, as well as having a sufficient balance to be able to make the donation.

ÒMNIUM is not responsible for any damage and / or injury that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the access and / or use of the information contained on the Website, including and without limitation, those produced in computer systems. or those caused by the introduction of viruses and / or computer attacks and will not be responsible for any damage that users may suffer due to improper use of the Website or for drops, interruptions, absence or defect in communications and / or the Internet.

In addition, ÒMNIUM is also not responsible for any damage and / or injury to the user’s software and / or hardware arising from access to and / or use of the Website.

The user will be liable for any damages that ÒMNIUM may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which it is subject by virtue of the Legal Notice, the applicable legislation and / or other policies.

Links policy

  • a) Links to the Web

    Anyone intending to include on a website ('Web Linking') a link to the Website must comply with applicable law; under no circumstances may it host content, its own or that of third parties, which (i) is illegal, harmful, violent, racist, degrading, etc .; and / or (ii) are inappropriate or irrelevant in relation to OMNIUM.

    A third party linking the Website does not imply that ÒMNIUM endorses, promotes, guarantees, supervises and / or recommends the content and / or services of the Linking Website, nor that it is responsible for its content. In the event of non-compliance with any of the terms referred to above, ÒMNIUM will immediately revoke the consent granted to the Linking Website, which must delete the link.

  • b) Links to other websites

    Different links can be included on the Web that allow the user to access other websites ('Linked Websites').

    In any case does the existence of Linked Websites imply recommendation, promotion, identification and / or compliance of OMNIUM with the manifestations, contents and / or services provided through the Linked Websites. Consequently, ÒMNIUM is not responsible for the content, and the terms and conditions of the Linked Websites, the user being solely responsible for checking and accepting them each time you access and use them.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights in the underlying designs, databases, computer programs (including source code), the various elements that make up the Website (texts, graphics, photographs, videos, sound recordings, color combinations , etc.) [the “Contents”], as well as their structure, selection and order are the property of OMNIUM or its licensors. The distinctive signs included on the Website (trademarks and trade names) are the property of ÒMNIUM or its licensors.

The use of the Website by the user does not imply the assignment of any intellectual and / or industrial property rights over the Web and the Contents.

In this sense, it is expressly forbidden to the user to reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting and / or any other form of dissemination not expressly authorized from the Website, its Contents and / or the distinctive signs of 'OMNIUM.

The unauthorized use of the Contents, as well as the damages caused to the intellectual and industrial property rights of ÒMNIUM may give rise to the exercise of the actions that legally correspond to it, and to the responsibilities that, in its case, can be accountable for.


If any of the clauses of the Legal Notice is declared, in whole or in part, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only this provision or the part thereof that is null or ineffective, and the rest will remain in force. For these purposes, the Legal Notice will only cease to be valid exclusively with respect to the null or ineffective provision, and no other part or provision thereof will be annulled, invalidated, harmed or affected by such nullity or ineffectiveness, unless to be essential it would have to affect the Legal Notice in its entirety.

Competent jurisdiction

In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation and / or application of the Legal Notice, the Courts and Tribunals that, if applicable, will hear the matter will be those provided for in the applicable legal regulations.
Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

Data controller:ÒMNIUM CULTURAL (“ÒMNIUM”)
CIF: G-08310070
Postal address C/ Diputació, 276, pral. 08009 Barcelona
Email: : [email protected]
Data Protection Officer: [email protected]

For what purposes will we continue to process your personal data?

We will process your personal data in order to:

In the case that the user subscribes to the Newsletter, to inform him/her about actions related to the #CoronaCiao campaign, as well as to send other information related to ÒMNIUM that may be of interest
In case that the user makes a donation, in order to manage it properly.
In the case that the user contacts us to ask for more information, in order to process his/her request
In the case that the user gives his/her data in the form “Sign the petition to denounce the corruption of the Spanish monarchy”, in order to process this support and send information related to the #Coronaciao campaign

It is needed to fill out all those fields in the form marked as “Required”. Failing to do so may result in not receiving the information correctly about this campaign or ÒMNIUM, or not being able to process your donation.

Current personal data must be communicated to OMNIUM so that the information is up-to-date and error-free.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Personal data will be kept until its deletion is requested, so that ÒMNIUM can keep you informed of the Project, as well as other issues that are of interest to you.

What is the legitimacy for the processing of your personal data?

The legal basis for the processing of data is the consent expressed with the acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

What are your rights in relation to your personal data?

The right to access personal data may be exercised, as well as requesting the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, the deletion when the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. The limitation, portability and opposition of data processing may also be requested, in certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation.

Likewise, consent to the processing of data may be revoked at any time without this retroactively affecting the processing of the data carried out so far.

The rights referred to above may be exercised by sending an email to[email protected]If you do not obtain a satisfactory response and / or wish to make a complaint or obtain more information regarding any of these rights, you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( (

What security measures apply to your personal data?

ÒMNIUM has implemented the necessary technical and organizational security measures that guarantee the security of your personal data and prevent its alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human action or from the physical or natural environment.


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If the user wishes to refuse the use of cookies, he may have limited use of certain features of the Website. If you continue to browse the Web without denying your authorization, you agree to its use by OMNIUM.

For any additional questions related to the use of cookies, the user can send their request by email to [email protected]

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